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AI-powered Market Research Automation for Startups

Discover if your business idea is really worth your time and money in minutes, not weeks or months

Validate any startup idea in minutes with AI

Validate any startup idea in minutes with AI

If you’re building a new startup, growing or evaluating investment opportunities, our AI will help you take better decisions faster.

By delivering in minutes a broad market research, we save you valuable time and let you focus on making the business thrive.

And how does it work?

We ask you 4 simple questions, then our AI takes from there

Realtime information, not limited to old data

Our agents research dozens of websites and documents online to understand about your business

Reliability, sources and no hallucination

You probably have heard about how AI tools can make up data. That's why we built a tool that is creative and fact-oriented. It'll "hallucinate" when valuable and stick to the facts when required.

Save a lot of money and time

Your time is valuable. How much is it worth 50h (at least) of your time?

What do you receive on the report?

Discover the Challenges, Risks, Trends and Opportunities to enter the target market

Find the pain points that consumers face on the target market

Discover potential target audiences for your business idea

Receive a list of highly detailed User Personas that can relate to your business idea

Discover what problem you can solve from whom with your business idea

Find out faster that “there is no competitor in this market”  was a naive statement

Bring to the surface the numbers, data and insights that shows the potential of your project

Pricing Plans

Our best pricing offer!

Starter (1 report)

Perfect to evaluate your project
€19one time payment
Have your report with:
  • Market Overview
  • Pain Points​
  • Potential Audiences​
  • User Personas​
  • Value Proposition​
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Data Insights​
  • Up to 2 review on each report
  • Free time to do whatever you want
Buy Your Full Market Report Now

Investors/Incubators (10 reports)

Increase your deal flow and select the best projects quicker
€99one time payment
Have 10 reports with:
  • Everything from Starter package
  • Data and Insights about Investments in the target market
  • UI for batch execution (run up to 5 reports in parallel)
  • Up to 2 reviews on each report
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Automate routine. Focus on what brings value.

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