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Explore weeks worth of Market Intelligence & Business Insights in minutes

Quickly Research New Markets

We empower professionals to take better and faster decisions with our AI for Market Intelligence & Business Consulting

Why you'll love us

Why you'll love us

Agility and Efficiency

Our cutting-edge AI Agents transform data overload into strategic clarity.
With automated data collection and analysis from diverse sources, businesses can make informed decisions in minutes, not weeks.
SageScan helps businesses stay agile and respond quickly to market changes.

Enhanced Data Accuracy and Depth

Gain access to deep, accurate market insights that provide data-backed recommendations, increasing the credibility and effectiveness of strategic advice and decision-making.
Our algorithms ensure reliable and up-to-date information, free from the errors and biases that often happens with traditional methods and generica AI tools.

Human + machine partnership

Our human + machine partnership goes beyond technical and business know-how. It’s about mastering the art of blending human insights with AI capabilities.
This seamless integration ensures maximization of the strengths of both, augmenting the work of business consultants and market researchers.

Why you'll love us?

Why you'll love us?


Accurate market insights providing data-backed recommendations that increases the assurance of quality via credible sources. Proprietary data assurance, on cloud or on premise.

Specialized tools and capabilities

Business and consulting specialized tools based on well-known analysis frameworks (such as SWOT analysis).


The AI Assistant that via a conversational interface guides the user a single platformFully integrates into the user current work processes in an autonomous.


Reduced time required for market analyses, report making, and insights creation, via curated AI workflows.Increased employee productivity and upgrade junior professionals.

Improve your market analysis processes with AI

Improve your market analysis processes with AI

Autonomous Agents Technology

Collaborative AI robots working in unison to provide you with the most current and comprehensive market analysis

Realtime information, not limited to old data​

Our agents research dozens of websites and documents online to understand about your business​

Reliability, sources and no hallucination​

You probably have heard about how GPT based AI tools can make up data. That's why we built a tool that is creative and fact-oriented. It'll "hallucinate" when valuable and stick to the facts when required.​

How It Works

How It Works

Browse our curated list of AI Research & Analyzis tools

We curated a list of well-known business strategy frameworks and relevant methodologies used daily by all kinds of professionals, transformed into AI Agents that, with simple input, provide rich analysis, with sources, without having to chat.

Our AI will research live data in a few moments

Unlike generic GPT tools, our AI Agents platform reproduces research methodologies, with multiple layers and steps to replicate the reasoning process we humans use to research and process information.

You can research multiple times, with different perspectives, as we provide AI Agents specialized on business, laws, marketing, sustainability, among other areas.

You can then edit and customize the final output as you like, without needing to copy to another platform.

Group the best analyzes into projects and generate custom reports

A real projects needs multiple researches, similar analyzes with different perspectives, and also wrap up everything in reports. Because of that, SageScan provides a project feature where you group different results into a report, with white-label possibility to directly send to your own clients.

Who We Can Help?

Who We Can Help?

SageScan for Startups

Accelerate your growth with AI-powered market validation.
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SageScan for Consultancy Agencies

Enhance your services with deep, data-driven insights.
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Unlike generalist AI tools and chatbots, SageScan is a productivity tool for Market Intelligence and Business Consultants.

SageScan was designed specifically to standout as a researcher and analyst that can bring you insights from the web in a few minutes, speeding up your work from days to hours.

We know that not everyone has time or interest to keep it up with all the new AI hacks and news, so we do all the prompt engineering, create the missing pieces and connect all the dots for you.

An AI Agent is a kind of tool that applies a multi-step reasoning process (imagine dozens of prompts combined to enrich the understanding of a request) and can integrate with different systems, being more capable than general Generative AI tools like ChatGPT.

Empower Your Business Decisions with AI-assisted Analysis & Insights


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