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Revolutionize Your Market Research: Get Weeks of Analysis in Minutes

Quickly Validate Any Business Idea

SageScan: The Future of Business Research & Analysis

Our AI-powered platform transforms the way businesses, from dynamic startups to leading consultancy agencies, approach market analysis. Experience rapid, comprehensive insights that drive smarter decisions

At the heart of SageScan is our pioneering use of Autonomous Agents, a leading-edge technology that sets us apart from standard LLM tools. Our AI doesn’t just simulate; it delivers real-time, actionable intelligence.

Key Features at Glance

Key Features at Glance

Instant Strategies & Analysis

Explore and kickstart ideas in minutes, not weeks.

Comprehensive Market Analysis

Access in-depth insights on markets, competitors, and trends.

Cost-Effective Strategy

Minimize research costs while maximizing results.

Improve your market analysis processes with AI

Improve your market analysis processes with AI

Autonomous Agents Technology

Collaborative AI robots working in unison to provide you with the most current and comprehensive market analysis

Realtime information, not limited to old data​

Our agents research dozens of websites and documents online to understand about your business​

Reliability, sources and no hallucination​

You probably have heard about how GPT based AI tools can make up data. That's why we built a tool that is creative and fact-oriented. It'll "hallucinate" when valuable and stick to the facts when required.​

How It Works?

How It Works?

Just a Few Simple Steps to Get Deeper Insights

  1. Describe the business idea you want to explore.
  2. Let our AI analyze global market data.
  3. Our AI Agents research dozens of websites and documents in real-time, ensuring up-to-the-minute accuracy and depth in every report.
  4. Receive a comprehensive, easy-to-understand report.
  5. Implement insights to drive your business forward.

Who We Can Help?

Who We Can Help?

SageScan for Startups

Accelerate your growth with AI-powered market validation.
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SageScan for Consultancy Agencies

Enhance your services with deep, data-driven insights.
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Empower Your Business Decisions with AI-assisted Analysis & Insights


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