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We develop Human-Centered Generative AI Tools for Business

We guide businesses into the journey of becoming AI-powered from the ideation phase to the MVP and working product


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Products We Developed

SageScan - Market Analysis AI
Discover if your business idea is really worth your time and money in minutes, not weeks or months
AI-powered Foresight Toolbox

Explore potential future scenarios in a few minutes. Extrapolate, diverge, merge, imagine at scale with our free AI tools.

No-Code AI Tools Builder

Quickly create user-friendly AI tools that can be embedded as HTML in websites or integrated via APIs in other apps.

We can help you in every step of the journey towards becoming an AI-powered business or product

See How

Workshops on the uses of effective and ethical AI

AI ideation and prioritisation

AI vision and concepting

Design, build and testing of AI concepts

Measurement and learning frameworks on the success of AI

Let's talk about how to add AI to your projects?

    Empower Your Business Decisions with AI-assisted Analysis & Insights


    Lisbon, Portugal

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